My Ping Pong Buddy – Ball Collector Net

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The My Ping Pong Buddy is a US patented ball picker upper that lets you press the collector on top of the balls and pop them effortlessly into the collector net! Once it’s full, simply turn it upside down to empty it into a bucket or your table tennis training robot. Its design outperforms other designs like the basic fish net style or tube. Save your time and your back! It’s designed and hand-assembled in the USA.

  • Collect Balls with Ease – Press the collector on top of the balls and they pop into the net!
  • Adjustable Telescoping Arm – Adjust the length of the arm to your preference!
  • Empty the Net with Ease – Once the collector is full, simply turn it upside-down and empty it into a bucket or your robot
  • Save Your Back – Pick up balls without bending over
  • US Patented Design – The only ball collector that lets you press balls into the collector. It outperforms all other designs.
  • Perfect for Robot Training, Coaching, and Multi-ball Training

Used by professionals and coaches around the world, like Liam Pitchford (see the picture!)


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