Why buy from Smash?

(1) Buy local to reduce emissions.

Why increase pollution from trucking and airmail by buying outside the country or continent? Buy local, with fast shipping.

(2) Support good small businesses.

Local businesses support your community. I’m proud to be part of the local table tennis scene in the Greater Toronto Area, and have donated equipment to charities like Youth Assisting Youth to help youth get inspired with a sport they can grow into.

(3) Small, but mighty.

Even though Smash is small, I strive to outdo larger businesses.

  1. Extended hours. Other shops operate only 9-to-5, while I’ll gladly help you also during evenings and weekends.
  2. Professional racket assembly. I’ve tried many methods and practiced enough to make a perfect, custom racket assembly.
  3. Open communication. Communicate the way you want to. In additional to phone and e-mail, I also take SMS and WhatsApp so you can reach me any way you want.

(4) Deal with the owner.

With Smash, you’re dealing with the owner, not a hired customer service agent. Get the service and expertise that you can only get with a business owner who cares for every customer’s experience.

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