Racket Care

Follow this quick, no-nonsense guide to take care of your racket and extend the life of your rubbers and keep its surface spinny:

(1) Clean off your rubbers after each playing session.

Dust and dirt will collect on your rubbers, and leaving it on your rubber for a long time will create dead spots with reduced grip. After every one or two playing sessions, make sure to clean off the rubber with a rubber cleaner or water. Once it’s dry, cover it with a protective sheet.

Cleaning with Spray: When using a cleaning spray, simply spray the surface and wipe off with one side of the sponge. Many sponges have a second side to dry off the rubber after cleaning.

Cleaning with Water: When cleaning with water, run your palm under the tap (with room-temperature water), and wipe off the dust using your palm. Don’t run the racket under water as you don’t want to soak into the blade. Wave the racket dry, and then cover with a protective sheet.

(2) Cover the rubbers with plastic protective sheets.

After cleaning off the rubber, cover it with a protective sheet before putting it in the racket case, so the rubber surface is protected. Both the non-adhesive and adhesive sheets will work well to protect the surface.

(3) Always use a racket case to protect the racket.

Use a padded racket case to protect your racket from bumps and scrapes inside your sports bag or from drops.

Let me know if you have any questions about taking care of your racket!