Racket Assembly

When you buy a blade and rubbers, assembly of your racket is FREE! Simply request that it be assembled during your checkout.

If you’re bringing your own blade and want your rubbers assembled, the cost is $6.00 + taxes for each side. Just make an appointment and bring it over!

Assembling two rubbers onto a blade takes about 1 hour, so you can arrange a time to drop off your racket and pick up on the same day, or another day.

Please clean the blade first

You should remove the rubber and clean off the little bits of glue, so the blade surface is completely clean. Simply pull the rubber off slowly from one corner, and pull in a diagonal direction. If you require me to do this for you, it is an additional $3 per side.

Premade Rackets

If your racket is a factory-assembled premade racket, the rubber and sponge may not come off cleanly since they often use permanent glues. It may take a lot of effort, and a chisel, to get it clean. I don’t provide that service, so it’s best that you try to get it clean first.