Butterfly Racket Care Kit

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Racket Care Kit

  • PING PONG PADDLE CLEANER KIT: Includes Butterfly Spin Refresh, Rubber Care Sponge and cleaning tips
  • KEEPS RUBBER TACKY: Specially formulated cleaner will help rejuvenate the rubber surface to its natural tacky state
  • SPONGE: Cleaning sponge offers a soft absorbent side and a very dense side that acts as a squeegee
  • CLEANER: Removes oil and dirt from the rubber surface of your racket to prolong the life of your table tennis rubber
  • EASY TO USE: Just apply 1 pump of the ping pong paddle cleaner and wipe clean with the table tennis rubber cleaner sponge before and after play

Prolong the life of your racket rubber with the Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit. This table tennis cleaner kit comes with the special formulated Spin Refresh and rubber cleaner sponge. Spin Refresh is a rubber cleaner and rejuvenator that is recommended for top players before and after playing. It is an environment friendly foam cleaner that comes in a 150 ml size bottle. Spin Refresh will rejuvenate the rubber to its natural tacky state as it removes oil and dirt from the surface of your table tennis racket.

The cleaning sponge offers a soft absorbent side and a very dense side that acts as a squeegee. The pink side of the sponge should be used for regular cleaning, while the black side should be used for intense cleaning. And it is very easy to use! Just one pump of the Spin Refresh and wipe clean with the rubber care sponge. This will prolong the life of the racket and make sure you will perform your best in competition. This ping pong paddle cleaner kit is a great investment to your table tennis gear. Take your game to the next level with Butterfly!




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