“Disruptor” Racket (Shakehand or Penhold)

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Blade Choice

Loki K5 (Shakehand), Butterfly Falcima (Penhold)

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This is a custom-assembled racket with disruptive long pips on the backhand and smooth, attacking rubber on the forehand. It comes with a Racket Case, Edge Tape, and a plastic protective sheet for the forehand rubber (pips don’t need one).

Long Pips on Backhand
Long pips are a classic choice for reversing incoming topspin into underspin (and vice versa) or creating “knuckleballs” with wobble effect, to throw off the opponent. This is recommended for the pushblocker style of standing close to the table and using the disruptive pips close to the table, balancing with strategic attacks.

Smooth Rubber on Forehand
The forehand side uses a smooth, grippy rubber for attacking, giving great variety in the ability to generate spins on one side and reverse spins on the backhand side.

This racket is composed of the following:

  • Blade: Loki Kirin K5 (Flared) for shakehand grip or Butterfly Falcima (Penhold) for penhold grip.
  • Forehand Rubber: DHS NEO Hurricane 3 (2.15mm or 2.2mm) for heavy spin for attacking.
  • Backhand Rubber: Dawei 388D-1 in OX (no sponge) for maximum spin reversal and disruptive effect.
  • If you have preferences for the colour of the rubber or the thicknesses of sponge, please specify in the Order Notes during checkout, or it will be selected for you.

Recommended for:

  • Players who want to be defensive close-to-the-table players
  • Players who want to experiment with playing against disruptive pips, preparing for tournaments
  • Players who want to stay close to the table and not rely on heavy footwork

Characteristics with Loki Kirin K5 Shakehand Blade:
Speed: 85
Spin: 90
Control: 82

Characteristics with Butterfly Falcima Penhold Blade:
Speed: 88
Spin: 90 (forehand)
Control: 80


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