Viscaria Super ALC Pro-Line Racket

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This is a fully-assembled racket with a Butterfly Racket Case, Edge Tape, and 2x Plastic Protective Sheets.

This racket is a combination of Butterfly’s latest technological advances:

  1. Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade (Flared)
  2. Butterfly Dignics 09C or Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubbers (2.1mm). If you have a preference, please specify.
  3. Butterfly BD Full Case. If you have a preference for colour, please specify it. Otherwise one will be chosen based on availability.
  4. Butterfly Magenta/Black Edge Tape (12mm width)
  5. (2x) Plastic protective sheets

In the Butterfly Viscaris Super ALC, they improved on their all-time most popular blade (the Viscaria) and enhanced the ALC (Arylate-Carbon) layer. The Dignics series is an improvement over the Tenergy series, with one of the most notable improvements being the durability. Players are saying that these sheets can maintain their original performance for months over the Tenergy 05.

The Dignics 05 plays more like the Tenergy 05, being slightly tacky and using mechanical grip. The Dignics 09C adds more spin with a tackier topsheet, which is less traditional for the European style of play.

If you have a preference on the rubber choices (Dignics 09C or Dignics 05), please specify this in the order. Otherwise it will be selected based on availability.

If you want a true top of the line competition-level racket that advanced users play, this is squarely in that category.

Recommended for:

  • Players who like rubbers like Butterfly the Butterfly Tenergy series
  • European style offensive players
  • Advanced or high-intermediate players with a coach


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