Butterfly SK7 Classic

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Revived Model Of The Classic Masterpiece SK7

Style: Attack | Reaction: 11.1 | Vibration: 9.3

  • This classic is reintroduced with a new look
  • A 7-ply blade, popular among top players for its great feel
  • An all-wood blade with plenty of power
  • Recommended for players seeking dynamic and delicate play
  • Experience the masterpiece for yourself!

  • Reaction:11.1
  • Vibration: 9.3
  • Class: ATTACK
  • Plies: 7W
  • Weight: ~89g
  • Blade Thickness: 6.8
  • Blade Size: 157x150mm
  • FL Handle Size:100x25mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100x23mm
  • Made in Japan

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