Yasaka Rakza Z

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Yasaka Rakza Z is the newest addition to the highly successful Rakza series.

For the first time in the Rakza series, the top sheet has stickiness by employing a new production method. The result is a surface with exceptional grip, enabling phenomenal spin.

The top sheet is combined with a harder Power Sponge. The result enables you to make strong spin with a very high arc. Serves and short returns are both precise and sharp.

The Rakza Z rubbers are made for attacking players, both close to the table and from half distance.

Yasaka Rakza Z – yet another winning combination from Yasaka.

2 reviews for Yasaka Rakza Z

  1. swesport

    Been using Rakza Z on FH and BH for 2 months now together with Ma Lin Extra Offensive blade. Previosly used rubbers: Rakza 7 Soft, Rakza X, Stiga Calibra LT and DHS Hurricane 3. Pros: + The first thing that I need to mention is the spin/tackiness. The spin that you can generate while looping, backspins and serves is crazy. Scooping up a low ball with a loop is really easy, the rubber grips the ball like no other rubber I have tried. My serves have improved a lot because of the additional spin that the rubber provides. + Control. My loops have never been this consistent. Even if the rubber is fairly hard it’s easy to place the ball where you want it. I would say that Rakza Z is right between really fast rubbers with little control and really slow rubbers with a lot of control. Returning serves and blocking is a lot easier because of the ball placement the rubber offers. Cons: – High throw. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a con, but you need to be ready to angle your blade more horizontally because of the tackiness, otherwise your loops will be too high or go too far. – Speed. If you are looking for a fast rubber then you will be slightly dissapointed. I’m not saying that Rakza Z is a slow rubber, combined with the right blade it can generate good speed, but you will need to hit the ball hard to achive speed for killing shots. – Weight. A bit on the heavy side, especially if you are using a heavy blade too. For me this is actually a + since my strokes are more controlled when using heavier equipment, not sure why Im putting this under “cons”.. Summary: Considering the price, spin, tackiness and control this is an amazing rubber. If you have a controlled attacking style(not that asian robotic full on attacking style) then this is the rubber for you. Serves, loops, sidespins and underspins are beautifully executed by this rubber. Would recommend combining Rakza Z with an all wood blade, since a carbon blade would take away the control.

  2. roggapingis

    The best that has happened to mankind since Pink Floyd… 52 degrees, feels like 47. The looping is awesome. You can do all with it, insane spin, serves and shortplay at the net is incredible. This is why i like Yasaka. Donic, for example throws out 12 different Blue that and Blue that a year. Yasaka really tests their materiel instead of mass-outlets

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