Xiom 36.5 ALX

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Excellent performance with COLD PRESS manufacturing technology and the world first orange AXYLIUM (Arylate) with carbon! The combination of outer Arylate Carbon is world’s most popular, the genesis for XIOM’s first true outer Arylate Carbon blade.

The 36.5 ALX incorporates XIOM’s blade development team vision, introducing two world first technologies: AXYLIUM and COLD PRESS.

AXYLIUM is a new found Arylate fiber that provides high stability, less vibration, clear feeling and tremendous power. The unique orange color stands for the fresh, clear feeling. 36.5 combines the outer Axylium carbon with a crispy Koto outer ply, which is great for fast play close to the table.

Unlike traditional blade manufacturing methods that dry at high temperatures, 36.5 blade features the industry-first low temperature drying technology. This new “COLD PRESS” technology provides a softer touch that leads to a better feeling for the ball while maintaining the direct contact. This makes the blade more forgiving and easier to play without loosing speed.

Speed Rating: OFF
Ply: 5w + 2 ALX
Blade Thickness: 5.7mm
Head Size: 157mm x 150 mm
Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm
Surface: Koto
Weight: 85g
Made in Korea




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