Sauer & Troeger Hellfire Long Pips (OX)

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Hellfire is produced by long pimple experts Sauer & Troger. The rubber sheet is slow and very dangerous and makes absolute hell for your opponents! Suitable for classic defenders who play away from the table.

The pimples of the Hellfire are set wide apart. This is the secret to its unique cut. The defensive balls behind the table create so much cut that the opponent is forced to push the 2nd or 3rd ball. When playing, the ball seems to get caught between the long pimples. This reduces the speed of the incoming ball and converts it into cut.

The wider pimple heads with the slightly roughened surface are a trademark of Hellfire. If you hit the ball well, you will give your opponent a real headache.

Hard, almost porous – one might think. But the stiffer pimples heads of the Hellfire are an absolute guarantee for success. A powerful cutting ball is created, which puts the opponent in a powerful position. The Hellfire also has its qualities in offensive play. The harder pimples allow you to make firm attacking balls right after the ball bounces. Your opponent will quickly be overwhelmed by this variety and will not know how much cut is in which ball.

For the first time since the ban on smooth pimples, the Hellfire has succeeded in creating a new rubber compound and a unique pimples geometry to create a dangerous rubber that still has a moderate speed. Previous long pimples rubbers could only offer one of the two characteristics. The low speed allows you to control passive block balls close to the table. Topspins can be shanked and balls with a lot of cut are easily achieved. The rubber is also very insensitive to offensive shots. This makes fast and placed balls easier.

Speed: 40
Control: 95
Spin/Disruptive Effect: 90

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