Revolution No. 3 Glue, Normal Viscosity (100ml)

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This is highly-regarded VOC-free glue from Revolution No. 3, the “Normal viscosity” formulation. It comes with 2 long sponges, which you can cut into smaller pieces for gluing. It doesn’t come with a clip.

Normal viscosity is the thinnest glue, high viscosity is the thickest glue, the medium is in the middle. A thicker viscosity will not make fixing the rubber to the blade any easier. Medium and high viscosity glues were created for top players who claim that the thicker glue layer improves the playing properties of the racket. But it is just an opinion for which we have no proof. Some players like thicker glue, some thinner. It is just a matter of preference. The only table tennis glue in the world that is freeze-thaw resistant. NORMAL VISCOSITY.


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