Prodigy Racket Combo (Penhold)

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This is a fully-assembled racket with a Racket Case, Edge Tape, and 2x Plastic Protective Sheets.

This is available only in the Chinese Penhold (short handle) grip.

This racket is a medium-spin, medium-speed, high-control combo that is a great transition from cheaper premade rackets (even Butterfly premade rackets) to real competition-grade equipment. Premade rackets usually heavily lack the ability to create any significant spin, so the game is so much different since you can then play without thinking much about the effects of spin. With competition-grade rackets, spin takes a much greater effect on you, so switching to an advanced racket too soon will frustrate you when the spins you receive are too hard to control.

Once you are well-adjusted to the effects of spin, you can try a new combo or simply replace the rubber sheets and keep the blade.

The spin factor is still one notch below competition rackets.

If you want a balance of performance at a very low cost, this is your choice.

Recommended for:

  • Beginners/Intermediates who want to get serious
  • People who haven’t used competition-grade rackets before
  • Beginner/Amateur/Intermediate

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Chinese Penhold, Flared


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