Nittaku Miyabi

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Number of Layers: 1
Weight (g): 85
Class: OFF+
Thickness (mm): 9mm
Handle: Flared

The Nittaku Miyabi is made with only one allwood ply. This is a fast blade with a soft feel. This unique, soft feeling is provided by the Kiso Hinoki wood that is used in its construction. Hinoki is a very fragile material. Very weak under the strong impact. Even with the rubbers, if you place the blade too roughly on the table it could possibly crack. Made in Japan.

1 review for Nittaku Miyabi

  1. TableTennisAbomination

    Having read about the unique qualities of 1 ply hinoki blades (being very fast when swung aggressively, yet slow and controllable in the short game) I was excited to find a blade for a good price (flash sale for $75), rather than $200 and up like for other brands. The blade is actually much lighter than expected, very balanced and workmanship is flawless. The grain of the wood was very fine and close, so based on other reviews perhaps there is some variance between blades. It is a very soft blade, with very little vibration, yet it is also stiff. I put Gambler Nine Ultra Tack in 2.1mm black on backhand and Friendship 755 in 1mm forehand, as I’m learning to twiddle. The feel at slow speeds, with both rubbers, is very controlled. Inverted pushing is simple, blocking is decent, drives are excellent and brush loops are good though require more effort away from the table than carbon blades. Pips pushing is easy, blocking was a bit awkward, chopping was very natural, and flipping short backspins into topspin was a breeze. There is a lot of dwell time, and the feeling when the ball hits makes you feel connected. If you want a lot of touch and control at slow speeds and a lot of speed and spin at high speeds, you will not be disappointed!

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