Loki T3 Offensive Rubber

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Sponge Thickness

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Thickness: Max
Sponge: High Elasticity Black Carbo Sponge
Rubber: Non-sticky soft rubber
Speed: 12
Control: 11
Spin: 9
Sponge Hardness: Hard/45
Playing style: Quick-attack

The Loki T3 is an offensive, non-tacky rubber great for powerful rallies and smashes. It’s available only in Max sponge thickness for increased speed and spin. The thick (max) carbon sponge and shaped astringent plastic surface complement each other, bringing not only superior flexibility and power, but also excellent rotation performance and ability to control the ball, thus giving strong play to the good-holding and strong-force features of T3 rubber.

ITTF Approved for competition play.




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