Legend X9 Hurricane Racket + Case + Training Video

CAD $45.99

The Legend X9 Hurricane is a heavy-grip racket for a spin-oriented playing style.

It comes with a 1-hour Training Video (digital access only, contact us to get it), 2 plastic protective sheets (re-usable to protect your rubbers’ grip) and a full racket case.

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  • 🏓 Spin Master – The X9 Hurricane is designed with heavy spin on the rubber sheets so you can generate devastating sidespins and topspins! This is suitable for more advanced players or those about to take the next step.
  • 🏅 Take your Game to the Next Level – The moderate grip lets you control incoming spin so your opponent’s tricks won’t affect you
  • ⭐ Maximum Comfort – The top edges where your hand grips the handle are “comfort sanded”, unlike the sharp edges on most other rackets. Play for hours without blisters!
  • The rubbers are the Spin version of the Legend X-Series rubbers, with 2.1mm sponge for high power and spin.


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