Holiday Gift Pack

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Delight your ping pong pals with the Holiday Gift Pack, with big discounts on goodies like rubber cleaning spray, protective film for rubbers, a ball holder, and two mini blade keychains. Here’s what’s in the bundle:

  1. Neottec NeoClean Rubber Cleaner (250ml) rubber cleaning foam
  2. Tibhar Rubber Cleaning Sponge
  3. DHS D40+ 3-Star Balls (10 Balls) – White by default, specify Orange if you prefer that
  4. Nittaku Adhesive Protect Sheets (pair) OR Donic Formula Protection Adhesive Sheets (pair)
  5. Donic Roller Box and Ball Tube
  6. (2x) Mini Blade Keychains (the exact designs may not match the picture)
  7. Glayzer Edge Tape (9mm)
  8. Killerspin Ball Holder OR TSP Ball Holder Bag (based on availability)

This pack will be a smash hit for any ping pong enthusiast. Elevate the game, unwrap the fun! 🏓🎁


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