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The FastPong training system is made up of a grid of 8 squares.  Each square measures 38x38cm that can light up, showing a square around its periphery in blue or green depending on the situation.

NOTE: The robot and table are not included. The FastPong is the tiled training system, compatible with any existing robot by using the sensor to detect when a ball is served.

This visual stimulus motivates the player bringing gaming elements into the training along with immediate visual feedback depending on their performance. 

In addition, there is an internal scoreboard consisting of eight large 7-segment displays to show more detailed information directly on the device.

The device works with our mobile application, which enables the player to track and analyse their performance to determine progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • compatible with any ball-shooter; simply attach the ball sensor
  • internal and optional external display for immediate display of results
  • large LED squares to clearly show targets and sensors to show where the ball actually lands
  • Bluetooth to exchange data with the mobile application

Certifications: FCC, CE, Telec, CCC, KC, K.

Country of Origin: Made in Korea

Warranty: 2 years

Note: ball-shooter (robot), net, table tennis table, and mobile phone are not included with the FastPong system.




Each board measures 76cm x 38cm x 2.4cm





Package Contents

FastPong System (4 interconnecting boards each with 2 squares), ball sensor, 12V power adapter cable

Display Digits

8x green (5.3 cm) – 7 segment plus dp



And here are some great coaching videos demonstrating the different uses of the system:
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Improve Your Accuracy:
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The 3rd-Ball-Attack: 
Some fun activities and challenges for club members: 
Masawei professional team: 
Samsung professional team training: 


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