Euro Offensive Combo

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This is a fully-assembled racket with a Racket Case, Edge Tape, and 2x Plastic Protective Sheets.

This is a typical European/Japanese style fast racket with grippy, non-tacky rubbers. It is a fast combo with a fairly flexy blade that will give you power for long-distance loops.

It is composed of the Loki V5 (Flared) Blade 5-ply wood blade (Flared) with the Donic Bluefire/Acuda Series of rubbers on both forehand on backhand, either in 2.0mm or Max sponge thickness. All versions will give you a powerful, spinny racket. If you have a specific preference for which rubber or thickness, let me know when you order.

Donic Bluefire/Acuda Series of Rubbers:

  • Donic Bluefire M1
  • Donic Acuda S1 Turbo or S2

If you want a true competition-level racket that advanced users play, this is squarely in that category.

Recommended for:

  • Players who like rubbers like Butterfly Sriver and Yasaka Mark V
  • European style offensive players
  • Advanced, or ambitious Intermediate players

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