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With “NEO” sponge, Hurricane 2 NEO rubber breaks through the speed limit of water-based glue and keeps the speed, spin, and control of former versions. Quick attack, low arc, and strong low fast loop are the characteristics of Hurricane 2 NEO.

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  1. seguso

    The perfect counterlooping rubber. Very low throw, low arc rubber. Only for advanced, close to table loopers. Counterloop is very easy because the ball stays low. But you have very little margin for error in loops. Loop arc is very flat. Compared to H3 Neo: with H3N, your shot goes upward; with H2N, your shot goes forward. So more power goes into speed and less into spin. With H2N you get less spin but more speed, less spin sensititivity, and it’s easier to keep the ball low. H3 Neo is very high throw. With H3N, first loop is very easy, but if you get a good block you are likely to go long. With H2, the opposite. First loop will be very difficult, but the next ones will land.—Nowadays H2N can be found in hardness 39 and 40. They are very different. 39 is softer, bouncier, and can even be used unboosted. On 40, you need to use 2-3 layers. — Topsheet is very hard, harder than other NEO rubbers, due to bigger pimples, so it’s hard to use on backhand. — Short receive is excellent, but this is true of all rubbers: H3, Tg2, Tg3, H2, H8.—- Let me summarize the throw angles (= arcs) of these rubbers: H2N: very low. TG2N: low. (almost exactly like 729 superfx, or 729 bloom power). H8: low. TG3N: medium. H3N: very high.—- So now you can choose the arc you need, depending on your skill and on how close to table you play (choose low throw if close to table)

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