Dawei Genote Quattro S Penhold

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Speed 87 / 100
Control 78 / 100
Weight 90g
Materials Hinoki, Ayous
Handles Flared

This is a great Hinoki blade. Hinoki is one of the most popular woods for blades. The outer plies are top quality hinoki. It has a lot of flex for great loops. The flex increases “dwell time” (the amount of time the ball is sunk into your rubber/blade), adding more spin to your loops, and makes it easier to lift heavy underspin with a loop. You can feel a lot of the vibrations in this blade, which many players love, and some dislike. I love the styling the these Genote blades.

It’s a great blade for looping battles, but also for slow control loops (loaded with topspin) close to the table.

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Chinese Penhold


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