Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX

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  • Tenergy 05 announced the arrival of Spring Sponge Technology!
  • Top international players around the world embraced this new development and the masses followed
  • The Tenergy Family of rubbers evolved allowing all styles of play to benefit from this new Technology
  • Spring Sponge is produced by the unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the highly flexible surface, enabling dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation.
  • Tenergy 05-FX offers the same top-sheet as Tenergy 05, but with a softer sponge layer and is best-suited for offensive all-round play.



  • Class: High-Tension Pimples-in
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 13.0
  • Spin:11.5
  • Density: 32
  • Made in Japan

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1 review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX

  1. Loop_in_key_of_Bb

    I bought this for my BH, and at first I wasn’t too impressed. It’s advertised as being a “control” version of Tenergy, but it is still quite fast and is very attack-oriented. I had to adjust a bit at first to compensate for the catapult from the sponge. Once I adjusted my stroke, I felt like I can do anything with this rubber. BH flicks, opening loops, drives, blocks were all very confident and effective. I flipped my racket around and started using it on my FH and I think I like it even more. Even from very close to the table, I feel like I can load up my attack shots and not miss. It is without a doubt the best rubber I’ve experienced for looping backspin balls. Even if I don’t make optimal contact, my shots feel very effective, and many of my opponents couldn’t deal with my opening loops.

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