Butterfly Mini Blade (14.8cm)

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The Butterfly Mini is the ultimate challenge racket. This palm size right is perfect for a multitude of purposes in table tennis. It is a great racket to have if you are fan of top players, and would like to get their autograph. It is also a great racket for skilled players to challenge their family member and friends and family events and get togethers. The more skilled player will take the challenge, and it will reduce the level of seriousness and all involved will have more fun. And lastly, this is a fantastic racket to give a small child that is interested in playing table tennis compared to the standard size racket that will most likely too heavy. Because the Mini racket is made of basewood, adding rubber to it will still make it a lightweight racket to play with that has great feel.

  • 148mm long
  • 90mm wide
  • 6mm blade thickness


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