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Air is proud to introduce its premier rubber, the Scirocco. Using the “Green Technology”, featuring an incredible sponge that maintains its speed with all glues, even the water-based VOC free glue. The Scirocco is not only very spinny but also a “fast” rubber. It is very bouncy and gives a tremendous catapult effect. It is excellent for spin strokes, loops and counter looping. Scirocco is for players demanding excellent spin and speed. With its soft sponge, the rubber sheet offers the player sensational touch and feeling for the ball. It gives also a clear sound on striking the ball for maximum feedback.

The 2.1mm version has a harder 47-degree sponge for more power.
The 1.7mm version has a softer 43-degree sponge and is suitable for defense or controlled play.

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Black, Red

Sponge Thickness

1.7mm, 2.1mm


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